Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru

Markets in Peru

By Fiona Cameron

(10/17/2014)If you are visiting Peru you will definitely visit a market, most likely a tourist one, however if you have the time make sure to visit one of these local markets.

Markets in Peru

In Cusco there are a number of different markets as people do most of their food shopping at a traditional market.

What are the best ones to visit?

San Blas market is good as it is very central, has good juic,e a reasonable selection of fruit and veg and the small places to get shoes repaired and clothes made.

The Cusco central market is amazing with everything from all your fruit and veg, a potato aisle, a wonderful selection of flowers and shamanic items to help you with your payments to mother earth.

A personal favourite is the Huancaro market on a Saturday morning, get there early to get the best produce. Its the place to buy large quantities especially sacks of different coloured potatoes.

Another really great market is Vino Canchon which is in South Cusco and is where a lot of the produce comes into Cusco before heading out to the smaller markets. The have good meat - especially lamb - and lots of grains.

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