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My First Ever Blog

By Fiona

(03/07/2011)Hi there, my name is Fiona and I will be writing T’ika Treks blog from deepest darkest Peru. I have been living and working in Cusco for the last 11 years and will be bringing up to date information about life in South America, primarily Cusco.
I personally have travelled from Quillabamba to Iquitos 2500kms by boat, been held up on one of the highest roads in Peru (misunderstanding) and taken thousands of tourists through Peru.
Here I plan to write about the experiences of Tíka Treks staff owners (me) life.
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My First Ever Blog

This last weekend has been the celebration of carnavel in Peru and across SA. We went and stayed at Jeff´s house above the Sacred Valley to escape from all the crazy water throwing.His house is sat on a stunning plateau high above the Sacred valley. See the photos below of the lodge to be.

A beautiful weekend was had by all with us (Armando and I) taking the opportunity to test our new Vango 200 series tent and fusion sleeping bags. They worked pretty well, considering torrential rain and lots of mud.

My First Ever Blog

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