Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru

Running in Cusco

By Fiona

(03/09/2011)Today started with an interesting visit from Pablo Morales. Pablo is Spanish and has been training 22 kids in long distance running. They are all aged between 14-21 and come from the highlands of Cusco.

Running in Cusco

The big news today is that one of the femal runners Aleli Aparicio Armas (18) has qualified for the world cross country competition being held in Punta Umbria, Andalucia on the 20th of March.

She is one of 3 ladies from Peru that are travelling to Spain as the national squad.

Why am I so interested in this well what can I say, these young boys and girls have been picked from high altitude towns throughout the Cusco department. they now live nad train in Cusco in the Closed Colleseum. They have access to government assistance for training purposes however to compete they need sponsorship to fund their competing. Please contact us for more info.

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