Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru

Our trips in April

By Fiona

(03/14/2011)Well today, not much to report. It is very cold in Cusco at the moment as the rainy season draws to an end. We are awaiting those nice sunny days that always arrive around now.
Today I have been writing for our new and improved website and we are focusing on 2 up coming trips to Q'eros Nation and the Pongo de Mainique.

Our trips in April

We will be departing to Q'eros with Rita a school teacher from St Albans primary school that dontes money to the school in Cocha Moco.

We are also visiting the Pongo de Mainique with Outlook Expeditions of Wales. This will be a reccy for more trips throughout the year.

Our trips in April

Join us for these fun trips.

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