Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru

The highlands of Peru

By Fiona

(04/01/2011)Did you know that it is common in the highlands of Peru to have 2 sets of godparents. One set is the traditional set of godparents and the other set is the haircutting ones.

The highlands of Peru

I have had the pleasure of being haircutting (Chuqcha Rutuy in Quechua) godparent. I currently have 4 godsons, Ichben, 2 Exxons (yes where did that name come from) and Sebastian.

The idea is that everyone at the party gives money for each lock of hair that is cut, being the first haircut that the child gets.

The highlands of Peru

this money is then put towards an animal for the child to look after and an investment towards their future.

In some towns it is also customary for the godparents to buy a cow or a bull as happened to me in January. I have included some photos.

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