Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru


By Fiona

(04/11/2011)The Tika Trekkers have a busy week ahead of them. We have our expedition to Qeros on Friday where we will be offering teaching help and weighing and measuring kids in the Happy Star school.


It takes a lot of prep to get to these places as we must take everything with us to this remote part of the world. We take all our supplies with us, which includes donations, medicine and all our camping equipment and food (as you only really get potatoes in Qeros). The only way to take those supplies is by horse, so on Saturday morning our horse wranglers will meet us ready to head off to the dizzy heights of 5000ms and on to the village of Cocha Moco and the Nation of Qeros.

Look at their tiny little houses and their amazing padlocks for their houses.

If anyone would like to join us let us know.

Happy trekking.

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