Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru
Espiritu Pampa - Sr de Vilcabamba - Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru

Espiritu Pampa - Sr de Vilcabamba

Special offer

To celebrate the 100th year of the discovery of Machu Picchu and the latest findings in Quillabamba we are offering you the opportunity to visit the Sr de Vilcabamba for the price of $800US per person. See below for further details.

El Sr de Vilcabamba was discovered last year 2010 by the INC team headed by Jose Fonseco Santa Cruz in the Espiritu Pampa site located north of Cusco. The discovery was presented in the Casa Garlisao in Cusco on the 24th of February 2011.
The discovery changes what we have believed of both the Inca and Wari empires. Our trip will take you through the history of these wonderful places. Ending in Cusco with a visit to the local Museum to see the relics left in the tomb.

Espiritu Pampa - Sr de Vilcabamba

Day 1. Departing Cusco

Packed for our expedition we depart Cusco in a northerly direction over the Abra de Malaga pass to the jungle town of Quillabamba where we will buy the last of our provisions. From here we head to the village of Huancacalle and the beginning of our trek.

Meals L,D.
Accommodation Camping
Minimum altitude 4300ms
Maximum altitude 2800ms

Day 2. The White Rock

After breakfast we make our way to The White Rock and Vitcos. Both impressive sights here in the Vilcabamba mountain range. We spend out morning walking in the area where a local Inti Raymi is held every year.
We have a light lunch before starting our trek towards Espiritu Pampa and the Last Refuge of the Incas. Our first day of trekking is moderately difficult with the highest pass of Colpacasa.

Meals B,L,D
Accommodation Camping
Hiking distance 15
Hiking time 8
Minimum altitude 3200ms
Maximum altitude 3850ms

Day 3. Hummingbirds and Coffee

Our walk to Vista Alegre (Happy View) brings a dramatic change to the flora and fauna of the area. Today we trek with the cheep of the hummingbirds and the sound of the river stopping to have lunch beside the river on our way.

Meals B,L,D
Accommodation Camping
Hiking distance 15kms
Hiking time 7
Minimum altitude 1900ms
Maximum altitude 3500ms

Day 4. Welcome to the Jungle

We descend further today into the Peruvian jungle following the tracks of the Incas past effervescent waterfalls and the continous hum of the river.
The vegetation is much lusher here, walking in vines, moss, tree and bushes whilst listening out for monkeys, toucans, cock of the rocks among others.

Meals B,L,D
Accommodation Camping
Hiking distance 17kms
Hiking time 7 hours
Minimum altitude 1500ms
Maximum altitude 1900ms

Day 5. Espiritu Pampa

A 4km trek takes us to the Royal Entrance way of Espiritu Pampa and the look out point of TuquiRikuy (The Watcher). here we begin our descent to the mammoth site and the home of El Sr de Vilcabamba.
After registering we begin our tour of the Archaeological site listening to the ever present Cock of the Rock and exploring the rain forest covered site.

Meals B,L,D,
Accommodation Camping
Hiking distance 6km
Hiking time All day
Minimum altitude 1400ms
Maximum altitude 1700ms

Day 6. Back to Civilisation

After a short walk we arrive to our transport that will return us to Quillabamba. We will depart along the jungle road to the town of Ivochote to make use of the modern swimming pool before returning to Quilla and a night in a small local hotel.
This day can also add in with the Pongo de Mainique by taking our transport on to Ivochote and the local pier.

Meals B,L.
Accommodation Hotel
Minimum altitude 1000ms
Maximum altitude 1400ms

Day 7. Detour - Machu Picchu or Cusco

Today we take our transport Southwards to either Santa Teresa and the train to Machu Picchu or back through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Cusco.

Meals B,L
Accommodation N/A
Minimum altitude 1000ms
Maximum altitude 4400ms

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