Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru
Q'eros Nation An Expedition - Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru

Q'eros Nation An Expedition

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A once in a lifetime offer. This expedition takes you over 5000ms passes though alpaca and potato fields. Join us.

A photographers paradise, a trek into history. One of the few places on earth where the people live as they did 400 years ago over mountains passes over 5000ms to their farms at 4400ms.
People live off the land as alpaca and potato farmers. A very private community with the administrative capital of Hatun Q'ero at a much lower altitude of 3200ms.

Q'eros Nation An Expedition

Day 1. An easy start

Today we will depart Cusco in the middle of the afternoon to our destination of Ancassi and the end of the road. The town of Ancassi sits at approx 3800ms below a snow covered mountains.
The entire journey there is a delight of white mountains ans alpacas, with small wind burned kids along the side of the road.
Our trip today is easy even if part of the road is a little rough. We will camp in the local viallage.

Meals L,D. Snack
Accommodation Camping
Minimum altitude 3200ms
Maximum altitude 4600ms

Day 2. Into the Clouds

Through the town of Ancassi we pass the small stone cementary and the exit into the hills. The first 3 hours a gentle. stroll up the valley in the direction of Cocha Moco. After a light lunch we hit the assent where we have to climb approx 800ms in 2 hours to the dazzling height of 4900ms where we will traverse through the stony mountain pass and the grazing alpacas and vicuñas.
Here we also have our first view of Cocha Moco and our home for the next 2 nights.
From here we descend about 600 metres to the school where we will set up camp.

Meals B,L,D. Snacks.
Accommodation Camping
Hiking distance 15kms
Hiking time 8 Hours
Minimum altitude 3800ms
Maximum altitude 4900ms

Day 3. Visiting the Community

Today we spend the day in and around the community of Cocha Moco. We learn of their customs, can spend time in the local school and alsoo have the opportunity to buy textiles and of course take some of the most amazing photos of Peru. Night camping.

Meals B,L,D. Snack
Accommodation Camping
Minimum altitude 4400ms
Maximum altitude 4400ms

Day 4. An Andean Offering

Today is the day we learn about some of the Andean customs of worshiping Mother earth. We will participate in an offering to mother earth given by one of the local shamens. The people from Qéros have a long history of being the local shamans and will teach us how to an offering to the mountain spirits.
You also have the opportunity to have a coca leaf reading.

Meals B,L,D. Snack.
Accommodation Camping
Minimum altitude 4400ms
Maximum altitude 4400ms

Day 5. Return to Cusco

After an early rise and goodbye´s we depart back over the mountain to the valley beyond and our way out. the view is very different as we do not have to walk through the perma fog of the afternoons. On arrival to Ancassi we will get into our vehicle back to Cusco and a hot shower.

Meals B,L.Snack.
Accommodation N/A
Minimum altitude 3200ms
Maximum altitude 4900ms

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Not for the faint hearted.


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