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Ausangate Peru Lodge to Lodge 7 day trek - Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru

Ausangate Peru Lodge to Lodge 7 day trek

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Stay in these community run lodges in Ausangate with prices starting at $1800US per person. We also have departures of 5 days, if you fancy a long weekend trip to Ausangate just Contact Us

A seven day breathtaking trek in the Cordillera Vilcanota, on a route we call the “Camino del Apu Ausangate” located in close proximity to the highest, sacred mountain in the Cusco region. The “Apu” is the bearer of life and the guardian of one of the most pristine mountain ecosystems in the world. You will sleep at altitudes of over 4,000ms in beautiful mountain lodges and trek to heights of 5,200ms.

Our treks will be accompanied by llamas and horses that carry our gear, which that are owned by the shepherds of the Chillca community whom are proud to share with us their land and the spirit of this inspiring world.
On our hikes and in our unique “Tambos” or Andean Lodges, daily meals will be prepared by experienced chefs, introducing you to a great variety of delicious Peruvian cuisine and produce. As for entertainment, authentic, vernacular music from members of the communities will accompany some of our nights in the "tambos" that will be home round Ausangate.

Ausangate Peru Lodge to Lodge 7 day trek

Day 1. Cusco to Chillca, wonderful views of Ausangate

Early morning departure from Cusco along the fertile Vilcanota Valley to the town of Checacupe. After a visit to the colonial temple of the Immaculate, we start ascending the Pitumarca valley, along the spectacular Japura gorge that leads to Chillca, where we will be greeted by the community. From there it is a short and easy trek to the first lodge. Once at the lodge there will be time to relax and enjoy the music provided by the locals of Chillca.

Meals L,D. Snack
Accommodation Lodge

Day 2. Around Chillca

After breakfast, escorted by our guide we begin the ascent to Yanacocha lake, place abounding in salmon trout.The sustainable management of the resource has been organized by the community, for example, fishermen use hooks without barb to avoid damaging the fish, measure buckets to size the catch, small fish are promptly returned to the lagoon.

After our delicious picnic lunch we will return to the lodge over the vista trail, which has some of the most spectacular views of the Vilcanota range. We will arrive at the lodge in time to take a hot shower and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Meals B,L,D. Snacks.
Accommodation Lodge

Day 3. Machuracay Ausangate

Our hike begins at 08.30 in the wide valley of Upis where impressive glaciated mountains loom above the valley offering majestic views. The trail narrows as we make our way towards the waterfalls descending from the Santa Catalina Mountain. This path is mostly used by the wandering llamas of the area and once we reach the small Paloma lagoon the countryside will be dotted with these animals, and also a large number of alpacas. After hiking along to a second lagoon and crossing a long series of moraines, we will reach the Machuracay Tambo, located right at the bottom of the Apu Ausangate.

Meals B,L,D. Snack
Accommodation Lodge

Day 4. Anantapata

After a demanding ascent of the Palomani pass with its moon like feeling at an elevation of 5,200m. / 17,000 ft., we will descend to Ausangate Cocha. Tremendous views of the glaciated south face of the Ausangate will inspire us as we continue towards the red sandstone formations of the “Nevado del Inca”. Overnight stay in the lodge.

Meals B,L,D. Snack.
Accommodation Lodge

Day 5. Huampococha

A spectacular part of the trail finds us hiking in the middle of mountains with red, ochre, and blue strata. This section offers a glimpse of marvelous geological wonder and natural beauty. Also, be on the lookout for groups of gracious vicuñas, as they are frequently spotted in this isolated area. We will sleep that night in the Huampococha Tambo, in the heart of large rock formations near a lagoon where “huallatas” (Andean geese) make their nests.

Meals B,L,D, Snack.
Accommodation Lodge

Day 6. Huampococha

Our final lodge has been built right in front of the Huampococha lagoon, enjoying the most spectacular vistas of it. Today we hike-climb, following the valley between the two peaks south east of the lodge. Then go through the highest pass and then make our way down into another valley. We take the path that leads into the town of Huitto. On the way we can appreciate the shepherds of the Osefina community with their llamas and alpacas.

Meals B,L,D. Snacks.
Accommodation Lodge

Day 7. Return to Cusco

After a last climb over the Anta pass, we will gradually make our descent. In this section the first crops and houses come into view. The landscape changes quickly as the red sandstone formations are followed by the carsten erosion of limestone, forming a one of a kind stone forest, and a perfect habitat for “vizcacha” (members of the chinchilla family). Here we say goodbye to Apu Ausangate, until the next time.

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