Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru
Moche Tour - Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru

Moche Tour

Special offer

This is a private tour. Price is based on 2 people minimum. If you are a larger group please let us know. Families a speciality.

We will visit different archaeological sites enjoying the delicios sunshine along the coast of Peru.The little visited area is host to some of the most amazing ruins in the country. Chan Chan a mud city spread over 18 kmsq and the Huaca del Sol y Luna the amazing pyramids close to the sea.
In addition visiting the informative museums of The Senor de Sipan and the Dama de Cao.

Moche Tour

Day 1. Trujillo and the Sun

We will board our flight to Trujillo and the beginning of our tour in the north if Peru. Visiting Chan Chan meaning literally Sun Sun. This enormous complex was home to some 100,000 habitants and contains a beautiful plaza and some excellent examples of Moche art. We will spend the night in Trujillo.

Meals L,D.
Accommodation Hotel

Day 2. El Brujo

Today we visit the little known El Brujo, The Wizard and the incredible museum of the Madam de Cao. The mummy of the young mother covered in tatoos and jewels was discovered in 2006 in the El Brujo complex. The Museum housing the mummy is run by the Weise Foundation and is one of the best museums in the country. Well worth a visit.
In the afternoon we will go to the town of Chicama where we will spend the night in a beautiful seaside hotel.

Meals B,L,D.
Accommodation Hotel

Day 3. A day at the Beach

Here we have a day to spend at the beach of Chicama. For those that like to surf the opportunity to ride the longest left hand wave in the world and for those that don´t enjoy the pleasant sandy beach.
After a lovely day and a delicious lunch of seafood we return you to the airport of Trujillo.

Meals B,L.
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