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Dental Elective - Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru

Dental Elective

Special offer

We offer you the wonderful opportunity to come to Cusco and learn about dentistry here in the Andes. Cost for one month is $1800US. Come enjoy your time in Cusco.

Here at Tika trek we have been involved in medicine since 2003 we have run medical clinics throughout the Andes since then and continue to do so. We now offer you the opportunity to come and learn about dentistry in Peru. We have access to private and government dental clinics and also to small NGO´s that have dental clinics. We go once a month to offer our assistance in the country.

Dental Elective : Dental Elective in Cusco, Peru.

Come to Cusco Peru, these dental electives are designed with the Dentist in training in mind. Your time in Cusco will be busy, After collection at the airport or bus station we will take you to a local hostal which will be your home for the next month. We will depart the same afternoon on a familiarisation tour of the city, find out where to change money, buy groceries and generally live for the next month in the City of Cusco.
The following day we will take your to visit the local clinic and get your ID card processed for the time of your elective. In the afternoon you begin your intensive Spanish classes that are included in your elective price.
From here you can begin your time in the clinic you will be expected to shadow your dentist or local intern for the duration of your time here, this may not be easy due to language barriers but you will make friends and contacts for life. We have access to some of the best Dentistss in Cusco that in generally have been educated internationally. Contact us for more information about dental electives in Peru.

Tika trek can offer you dental electives for any amount of time please write to us for more information.
Come with the orginal dental elective coordinator in Cusco.


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