Tika Trek - Cusco, Peru



Q'eros is situated South of Cusco and takes 1 day walking from the nearest road and is home to the last Incas. The population made first contact with the outside world in the 1930's and continue to carry on their proud traditions. It is a very deprived area that has an extremely happy population of about 3000 spread over 6 villages.

We are proud sponsors of the Cochamoco School in the Nation of Q'eros. The school which is called Happy Star name of Pachacutec's daughter, has recently opened and is home to 38 children that walked 3 hours to get to class and forced them to stay away from their families during the week. Through sponsorship and some of our own money we have been able to provide them with the following.

In addition St Albans has also donated approx $1200US which has been used to buy a cooker for providing kids with breakfast, gas tanks, books in Quechua and English and various other bits and bobs. On our next trip we will discuss the use of the rest of the money to be used for the benefit of the school and the community.

Please if you want to donate anything to the community and/or school either contact us to find what is currently required or bring clothing for small children, books in Spanish or general school equipment. In addition we will accept cash and use it to provide medical care or items for the school as you prefer forwarding photos for you to see your donation in use.